Warning! OpenCamp is Deprecated.

Rails.MN no longer works on the old OpenCamp project. The instructions are out of date, the project has not been maintained, and we've gone towards people picking and working on their own projects.


The two most common starting projects are:

After going through a few tutorials, many students ask “What can I try now?” It’s often hard to come up with an idea for something brand new to try.

Here’s a list of projects you can try. There’s no order to these, nothing special about them. You don’t have to do them in order or all of them, by any means.

You should try out all the skills associated with developing software:

  • code management (suggested Git and Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab, etc)
  • testing, using Minitest or RSpec
  • test driven development
  • integrating with a nice front-end framework such as Bootstrap, Foundation, etc)
  • including client-side JavaScript to make sites more interactive
  • deployment, starting with something simple like Heroku


  • Use Google Maps API to localize the posts in your twitter clone
  • Turn your blog into a multi-user blog
  • Create a blog aggregator
  • Create a storefront for your dog biscuit company
  • Simulate an ATM
  • Your friend’s band’s website, with back end for posting tour dates, updates to dicsography, band photos, band blogs, and a contact / mailing list sign up for fans
  • Simulate an elevator
  • Make a copy of the IMDB: films, genres, actors, directors. Produce a list of Romantic Comedies Liam Neesan has been in
  • Make a family tree where each person can enter their own info (for fun, get your family to use it). Make it secure by having users sign up to enter info
  • Build a photo gallery displaying your uploaded photos
    • Use a service like AWS S3 to store the photos
  • Build a Pinterest clone