Rails MN

A group to help those learning Ruby on Rails build new businesses, cool prototypes, side projects and more in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

Events include:

  • introductory classes on Rails
  • 'hack' sessions where you can partner 1:1 to get over sticking points
  • lightning talks to help you learn 'the other stuff' (CoffeeScript, SASS, HTML5, Git, etc)

We encourage people of all skill levels in Rails to participate!

More info at Meetup.com

Monthly Meetup Changes Coming in September 2017 on 16 Aug 2017

Big changes coming for the meetup group! Read on for a list of things we’re changing.

Back with Prime Digital by Tamara Temple on 27 Jul 2017

We are back for the month of August, 2017, with Prime Digital Academy at the new campus in downtown Minneapolis, in the Grain Exchange building.

Site Update: Installation Instructions Cleanup by Tamara Temple on 25 Mar 2017

Another site update, this time cleaning up the installation instructions.